The Free Media Movement continues to emphasize that the free flow of information, availability of access to that information and maintaining a proper mechanism for the same are essential requirements in this era. Opportunity to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic is not confined to public health services.This publication stresses that the ability of individuals and their families to protect themselves against the virus relies on accurate information. It includes the freedom of expression of all, the right to seek, receive and provide information and ideas of all kinds. The deliberate communication of fake and misinformation using freedom of expression at this time should be condemned. However, this publication emphasizes that any attempt to limit the freedom of expression citing the above is a violation of the fundamental right of every person for publication including the rights of a person to seek, receive and respond to information. We hope this will be useful for professional journalists, citizen journalists, social activists and public authorities. It is our hope that this publication will further enhance in the dialogue for ethical media usage in the face of the crisis. The publication that is submitted to has been prepared by the media freedom representatives of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, which monitors freedom of expression and press freedom on behalf of the United Nations, and the press freedom representatives of the Organization for the Protection and Coordination of Europe. With our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to them.

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