Media  release

Journalist Manjula Samarasekara suspended – Free Media Movement calls on Minister of Mass Media and Information Dullas Allahaperuma to take immediate action.

The Director of Human Resources at Lake House has informed through a letter dated 25/11/2021 that Manjula Samarasekara, the Head of the Digital Media Department of Lake House, has been suspended from his work. However, the letter does not state why Manjula Samarasekara was suspended or provide any explanation. Furthermore, journalist Manjula Samarasekara says that there has also been no response to his letter sent over a month ago to the editorial director of Lake House inquiring about the suspension.

The Free Media Movement considers this as another despicable act of the sinister subjugation in the State media and calls on the Media Minister Dullas Alahapperuma to conduct an immediate and impartial inquiry into the incident.

The letter sent by the Free Media Movement to the Minister of Mass Media and Information, Dullas Alahapperuma, is attached.


Lasantha De Silva                                                                                                  Hana Ibrahim

Convener                                                                                                                 Secretary