The Free Media Movement strongly condemns the attack on journalist Prasad Purnamal Jayamanne and the obstruction in carrying out his professional media activities. 

According to the reports received, Prasad Purnamal Jayamanne who was photographing a protest by villagers against a tipper transporting sand in the Mukkuthoduwawa area in Madurankuliya, has been attacked by a person inside the tipper truck.

It is reported that Prasad Purnamal Jayamanne’s camera equipment has also been damaged as a result of the attack.

This particular incident, is an addition to a series of incidents that have been reported pertaining to obstructions faced by journalists in carrying out their professional duties and it appears to have become an element of the anti-social behaviour of certain sections amongst the Sri Lankan society.

The development of such a trend is extremely detrimental to the existence of a democratic society.

The Free Media Movement does not approve in any form the prevention or obstruction of journalists from reporting information correctly for citizens to make informed decisions.

The Free Media Movement strongly urges the authorities to deliver justice by bringing those who disrupt the professional activities of journalists before the law, and to strengthen the required landscape in the country to maintain a free media culture. and conductive environment.